Distance Learning via Next Gen TV


Sunday, October 10 | 4:00 PM - 4:40 PM


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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcasters immediately began collaborating with technology and service providers to create services to support at-home learners in areas without functional broadband access.   The presentation will cover multiple pilots across the country as well as deployment of tens of thousands of ATSC 3.0 data receivers to student households.  

This presentation will be divided into three parts.

1. The Educational Challenge: Two regional broadcasters will describe how they are working with their local communities to bring remote education to areas underserved by broadband access. This will include defining educator and student needs and deploying new technology.

2. The Technology Solutions: This section will feature the tech that enabled broadcasters to become distributors of educational material as well as how they equipped students to receive it though ATSC 3.0 ready receivers.  Capabilities of the system include geotargeting, low-cost delivery, and ability to establish Wi-Fi hotspots to connect student devices while supporting multiple users in a household.

3. The Future Potential to Provide Service to Underserved Communities: After the pandemic ends, homes underserved by broadband will remain underserved. However, once a network of ATSC 3.0 receivers is established, there will be an opportunity for broadcasters to offer underserved homes additional information, entertainment, and educational services. The broadcast home receivers in this program can be updated and modified to provide different services over a broadcast channel without Internet access. These methods could act like a positive “Trojan horse,” providing information and entertainment services to communities underserved by broadband.

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Next Gen Game Changers II: Spectrum Sharing and Distance Learning


Mark Aitken
Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology
ONE Media 3.0 / Sinclair Broadcast Group
Stephanie Frazier
Assistant General Manager
South Carolina Educational Television
John McCoskey
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Newman
Executive Director
Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS)


Mark O'Brien
President and CTO

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