Analytics for Broadcast Radio - Standards for Hybrid Radio


Tuesday, October 12 | 11:05 AM - 11:30 AM


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Connected vehicles already provide telemetry to manufacturers, and could also send back information on the use of broadcast radio, including the station being listened to, the start and stop times of the listening session, and potentially more. This would create a set of usage data for broadcast radio which would be comparable in structure with usage data for stream radio listening, and that could potentially increase the perceived value of broadcast radio listening.

An open technical standard for analytics capture and transmission means that every manufacturer can include it in their connected devices (or apps in connected cars), and there is decentralized distribution of information back to the broadcasters. However, obstacles exist in regard of complexity, privacy and trustworthiness that need discussion and agreement between broadcasters and automotive manufacturers.

This paper will look at the RadioDNS technical group's work to standardize that decentralized and open technology, how trust and security can be built around it, and how it could be incorporated into existing (commercial) audience measurement systems.

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Hybrid Radio


Nick Piggott
Project Director
RadioDNS Limited

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Paper Presentation