Reception of All-digital AM Radio in Electric Vehicles


Tuesday, October 12 | 1:30 PM - 1:55 PM


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As the world's automakers expand their all-electric vehicle offerings, a trend has been observed where some brands are removing AM radio as an option because of the interference generated by the vehicle's drive motors.  While analog AM is certainly impacted by this electric motor noise, all-digital AM HD Radio signals (recently authorized for use in the US by the FCC) are significantly more robust and offer greatly improved reception under these conditions.   In this presentation, Mr. Layer will present field test results obtained under a PILOT/Xperi project to characterize all-digital AM reception in electric vehicles, and discuss the future of AM radio in electric vehicle.

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All-Digital Radio


David Layer
VP, Advanced Engineering
National Association of Broadcasters
Pooja Nair
Communications Systems Engineer
Xperi Corporation

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Paper Presentation