Live Sports & Entertainment Production Lessons Learned While Building Multiple IP Mobile Units and Cloud Control Facilities


Sunday, October 10 | 2:10 PM - 2:50 PM


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Mobile TV Group has been building mobile units for more than 25 years, including the first HD trucks for HDNET which led the HD delivery of programs at that time.  Beginning with Mobile Unit 45 FLEX, MTVG is currently building 50 FLEX, the transition was made from baseband to IP, with the goal of providing the operational crews with the same, or very similar, working interfaces to the baseband MU’s.  At the time it was felt that the majority of the manufacturers that MTVG worked with had enough of the IP feature sets and functionality completed, and the pricing difference within an acceptable range, so that our clients would not have any limitations with their productions and would be able to take advance of the benefits of IP for future expansion or changes to their requirements.  Join moderator Linda Rosner as she talks with MTVG Director of Technology Dale Canino, Director of Engineering Peter Wehner, and COO Nick Garvin, providing viewpoints across the company to show the engineering, operational, and business benefits gained with the switch to IP.

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Live Production Innovations, Challenges and Solutions


Dale Canino
Director of Technology
Mobile TV Group
Nick Garvin
Mobile TV Group
Peter Wehner
Director of Engineering
Mobile TV Group


Linda Rosner
Managing Director / Chair of SMPTE Hollywood

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