Drone Night-Time Workshop


Sunday, October 10 | 2:15 PM - 11:45 PM
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This unique Night UAV flight training course will equip UAV pilots with the knowledge, skills and confidence to pilot your UAV at night safely, efficiently and effectively.

Greater than 70 percent of our flying information comes through the eye and the eye is easily fooled at night. This is compounded by the inexperienced pilot alternating views between a tabled/lighted display and the position of the UAV in the sky. Night flying has a higher accident rate than identical day flying, both in UAV and manned aviation. Why? Depth perception is severely distorted, as is reaction time. There are also visual illusions that need to be recognized and mitigated. 

This session will provide both theoretical information informing pilots on how to sidestep these challenges, while properly assessing and managing the risks associated with night flight (as waived per Part 107.29) and put that theory to work in field!  Attendees will write a test after the theory section course is complete. Upon successful completion (70% or greater) attendees will receive a certification of completion which can be attached to 107.29 waiver applications with the FAA and /or internal PPO documentation to demonstrate currency and training in night flight operations.

This Night UAV Flight workshop will showcase:

  • Different types of visual illusions that commonly occur at night
  • Autokinesis and night landing Illusions and how to avoid them
  • Equipment setup
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Importance of acclimating your eye for night flight & avoid light contamination

Once the theory section (and testing) is complete, experienced field UAV (drone) instructors will bring your training into the field.  Their goal is to equip remote pilots with the knowledge, skills and confidence to pilot the UAV safely, efficiently and effectively, in night-time environments. 

Who Should Attend

UAS pilots who already have 107.29 waivers (for purposes of understanding industry best-practices/standards) and those that would like to add a 107.29 waiver and/or night flight credits to their 107 certification. Hobby pilots will also find value in this session; it presents safety topics rarely considered by hobbyists.  Any pilot looking to build their knowledge pool will find significant benefit in this deep dive into the physics, physiology, risks, and rewards of night-time operations.


Douglas Spotted Eagle
UAS Instructor, Director of Educational Programming,
Sundance Media Group

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