Aitken, Mark

Aitken, Mark

Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology ONE Media 3.0 / Sinclair Broadcast Group

Mark Aitken is Senior VP of Advanced Technology at Sinclair Broadcast Group and President of ONE Media, a technology joint venture focused on development of ‘Next Generation’ communications technologies.

He holds patents for various RF devices and Next Gen TV systems and is the author of many papers dealing with innovative RF product developments, and advanced digital broadcast systems design-implementation strategies.

Mr. Aitken is an active ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) participant, where he chaired the Specialist Group on ATSC Mobile DTV (TG1/S4) when it began in 2007, and under his leadership saw approval of the A/153 Mobile DTV Standard.

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Sunday, October 10 4:00 PM - 4:40 PM PT
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