Jovi, Bonnie

Jovi, Bonnie

Manager of Marketing and Promotions Cumulus media

Bonnie Jovi is the Marketing and Promotions Manager for Cumulus Media's five stations in Salt Lake City.  A Utah native, Bonnie has spent nearly fifteen years with the cluster.  Working her way up from a promotions tech, to leading the department, Bonnie can proudly still put up a 25 foot Inflata-Bull by herself!  

From wrangling Cockroach Beatles in a race for Paul McCartney tickets, determining how much Green Jello it takes to fill a 500 gallon tub, hatching chickens in the studio, or taking 100 Make a Wish Kids to meet Santa on an annual trip to the North Pole, Bonnie has done it all.

Executing promotions in today's world of small budgets...Or no budgets takes organization, creativity and frugality.  Bonnie's ability to utilize relationship's she's developed over years, gets the job done.  Just ask K-Bull 93’s Program Director Travis Moon who dreamed of an RV for a listener Home Town tour, like ESPN’s game day.  Bonnie created a partnership with a local RV company and now K-Bull 93's rolling Mobile Studio is on the road.  The promotion generated revenue, without spending a dime.  Bonnie couldn't be more excited about the future of radio promotions...Powered by social media and digital advertising, there's nothing you can't accomplish!  What's your crazy idea?


Promotions on a Budget...What Budget?
Thursday, October 14 2:10 PM - 2:50 PM PT